Smart Guy - 3x09 - “Get A Job” - [1/3] (by SmartGuyEpisodes)

When Floyd tells the kids to get a job, Yvette heads for a clothing store at the mall, discovering racist activity from the manager. Meanwhile, Marcus and Mo get a late night shift at the radio station as hosts.

Part 2

Part 3

Ohmyy. I watched this show hardcore as a kid. <3

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Hell yea.

Hell yea.

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 It Takes Two by Steve McCurry | More McCurry

Here are some pictures of couples all over
the world who have a relationship that is
evident in their gestures of caring, their body
language, their eyes.

This is so wonderful.

This is beautiful

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Surreal and decadent photos by London-based photographer Natalie Dybisz at the eighteenth century Château de Champlâtreux.  Images of excess and pleasure that signified the long eighteenth century are re-imagined into a space where nature, ruin, artifice and organic collide into scopic and haptic fantasies.

Way too pretty..

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So stoked for this movie

Damn straight. 

Damn straight. 

Make Smith Possible for Transwomen


Hey, everyone: I’m Calliope, a rising senior-gal in a Connecticut high school who is (just now!) discovering Tumblr for the first time. And I have a rather serious personal problem to share with you all that does not involve GIFs, cats, or BBC shows. My problem is with my dream college 

that superspecial place of ironwilled and astonishing women I want to be a part of

Smith College and its policies (rather: problematic UNpolicies) on accepting transwomen into its ranks.

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